Installing a Dining Room Chandelier

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Give your home a sense of flare by investing in a high-quality dining room chandelier!

Once you have purchased a high-quality dining room chandelier from a trusted Canadian company, you must install it. Here is what you need to know about the installation process so the job goes smoothly and without any sort of DIY disaster:

- Turn off all sources of power to the circuit in question. This may seem like a no brainer, but it is often overlooked and could be very dangerous.

- If you are replacing an older light fixture, be sure to take notice of how the wiring is currently in place. This will save you loads of time when the time comes to place the new chandelier.

- Make sure you have the proper support system ready for the chandelier. A heavier fixture will need a bracket or brace in order to ensure it stays in place properly. A standard ceiling box can only hold about 50 pounds of weight.

- Finally, make sure all assembly is done prior to hanging the object. The only thing left to be done once the chandelier has been installed is placing shades, if necessary.

Surely there is more to such a job, but these basic steps will lead you in the right direction. Give your home a boost today and install your own dining room chandelier!
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The importance of good home design is more important than it ever has been. Keeping your home looking modern and stylish is easier than it seems. Sometimes, all a bland space needs is an interesting and new chandelier.

Chandelier Trends and Styles

Nowadays, chandeliers are not only used in formal areas of the home, but are often found throughout - even in bedrooms and bathrooms. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new and interesting chandelier:
  1. Opt for colour when it comes to dressing down an elegant space. Beads with purple or blue tones are great for homes or cottages that have a whimsical beach vibe. Colour adds brightness and complexity to an otherwise bland living space.
  2. Don't be afraid of mixing textures. Many chandeliers now offer customization options through shades. Instead of going with something that traditionally matches your piece, look for light shades that are a different tone or shape. The combination will be exciting and on point when it comes to style.
  3. Pick the perfect size. Try not to go to big, especially in a small room. Always think about proportions with chandeliers as there is a fine line between awkwardly too small and predominately too large.
  4. Don't be afraid to give a chandelier a personal touch once you have purchased it. Never shy away from DIY refinishing if what you want is not exactly the product being offered. Many companies will offer solid advice on how to handle the chandelier during a remodel.